Services available at:
Paynesville, 320-243-7704
Belgrade, 320-254-8474;
Richmond, 320-597-2156
and Watkins, 320-764-5058
Services also provided at Koronis Manor
and Washburne Court.
The Rehab Department at Paynesville Area Health Care System offers a wide range of services to treat many health conditions.The department includes:
•Physical Therapy
•Occupational Therapy
•Speech Therapy
•Cardiac Rehab
•Wound Therapy
The department treats the following as well as other conditions:
•Back Pain
•Multiple Schlerosis
•Cardiac Bypass Surgery
•Parkinson’s Disease
•Total Joint Replacement
•Wound Healing
•Sports Injuries
•Accident-related Injuries
•Celebral Palsy
•Rehab Heart Attacks
•Other Neurologic Condtitions