The Paynesville Area Hospital is a licensed 25-bed facility, including 19 medical/surgical beds, 3 critical care beds and 3 OB suites and is staffed around the clock. The hospital is attached to the Paynesville Area Medical Clinic, Koronis Manor Nursing Home, and 700 Stearns Place congregate housing, making it a convenient and efficient health care facility. A cafeteria, two waiting rooms, and even guest rooms for family and friends of residents and patients are available.
Our laboratory is CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act of 1988) certified and provides routine and emergency testing for physicians 24 hours a day. It is fully staffed during the day and provides on-call services evenings and holidays. Our lab performs most of its testing in-house, includng chemistry testing and profiles, blood gases, hematology, coagulation, blood banking, microbiology, and urinalysis, using state-of-the-art instrumentation. Cytology, pap smears, and tissue testing is performed at an advanced pathology lab in St. Cloud.

With the public wants more control over their laboratory testing, the lab is now offering a new service called Direct Lab Access.

PAHCS has two doctors of pharmacy (Pharm. D.) on staff who work with your primary physician to help insure medication use is indicated, effective, safe, and convenient.

You may be referred to a Pharm. D. in the clinic or hospital for education and ongoing managment of diabetes, asthma or chronic breathing problems, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart failure, blood thinner medications, smoking cessation, or a complete medication review. A care plan is developed with you, your primary physician and the Pharm. D.

Todd Lemke, Pharm.D., at left; Kris Cervin, Pharm. D., at right.

Pharm. D.s provide daily medications for patients in the hospitals and residents in the nursing homes. Pharm. D.s work with all departments at PAHCS to provie drug information for staff and patients.

Our Pharm. D.s also conduct presentations and blood glucose/blood pressure checks at local community events and occasionally at the Paynesville Area Center.

Prenatal care is important to the development of a healthy mother and child. Paynesville family physicians provide excellent prenatal care, including regular, comprehensive checkups, in addition to a certified, caring nursing staff. Ultrasound is available to help track the baby’s progress and development, and prepared childbirth classes cover everything from breathing exercises and good nutrition to adjusting to the new baby.

We have three birthing suites, allowing mothers to labor and deliver in the same room they will stay in. Newborns may stay in their mother’s room or in the nursery, just steps away. Our professional staff is committed to providing the best care available for mother and child, in familiar, supportive surroundings.

Our surgery suite is designed to handle a variety of inpatient and outpatient procedures. We realize the importance of high quality care at a reasonable cost and we offer outpatient surgery whenever possible.

Our surgical suite now contains two full operating rooms. Our newest operating room is state-of-the-art, with the absolute latest in technology. We are now able to do knee replacement surgery, and will soon be able to do hip replacement as well.

Routine inpatient surgeries include:
Open gall bladder surgery
Colon Resections
Bladder neck suspension
Transurethral prostate resection
Vein stripping
Knee Replacement
Outpatient Procedures
Many minor procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis, providing a cost effective, efficient means of medical treatment. The nursing staff and pharmacists are trained to administer chemotherapy for cancer treatment, which is most frequently completed on an outpatient basis.

Some of our outpatient surgeries include:
Orthopedic surgery
Arthroscopic surgery
Endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery
Bunion surgery
Pediatric ear (PE) tubes
Open or laparoscopic hernia surgery
Laparoscopic gall bladder surgery
Abdominal laparoscopy
Laparoscopic nissens
Sentinal node
Phaco cataract surgery
Vaginal slings
Elective sterilization
Emergency Services
In medical emergencies, time is critical, but expert medical help is just moments away. Our ACLS certified nursing staff and providers are available 24 hours a day to provide the appropriate care and to treat every emergency with efficiency, expertise, and understanding. Our new emergency wing contains two trauma rooms, one procedure room, two chemotherapy beds, and four examination rooms.

The Paynesville Area Ambulance Service is on-call, around the clock, 365 days a year to respond to the area’s emergencies. The radio-dispatched, state-certified emergency medical technicians provide emergency care and safe transport to the Paynesville Area Health Care System. In addition to ambulance service, we also have a Lifelink landing site for helicopters on our campus.
Paynesville Area Health Care System is affiliated with Rice Hospice of Rice Memorial Hospital of Willmar and Heartland Hospice of St. Cloud. Hospice is a way of caring for any seriously ill patient and their families in the setting of their own home. Hospice care team members address the physical, spiritual, psychological and social needs of the patient and family. Hospice provides support and care so that the patient can live fully and comfortably. Referrals to Hospice are made by the primary physician, family members, friends, clergy or other health professionals. Grief counseling is also a valued part of the Hospice program, offering support groups and help to families long after the loved one has passed away. For more information on Hospice care in your area call: Rice Hospice at 1-800-336-7423 or Heartland Hospice at 1-877-249-8836.