Doctor Stephen Odzer is based in Topeka, and he is considered one of the nation’s cutting-edge pediatricians. He has been able to solve many medical riddles, and he usually tackles on cases from all corners of the world. Many families actually travel to him, just so that they can have his consultation.

The reason why doctor Stephen Odzer is so sought-after is that he specializes in rare and hard-to-diagnose illnesses. One day, he simply attended one of his regular patients for a regular inspection. Everything seemed absolutely normal, but some scans revealed abnormal heart activity. The little girl’s heart was faster than normal, and its rhythm wasn’t regular.

The girl had been in and out of hospitals for the past few months, and check-up after check-up, nobody was able to tell that there was something wrong. Doctor Stephen Odzer was the only one who noticed this cardiac irregularity, as well as a murmur, which was previously undetected. As it turned out, the girl’s heart had a problem, as the left ventricle was actually quite swollen. The cause? Several tests later, revealed a rare viral infection, which was actually causing the swelling. If left undiscovered, the swelling could have caused long-term heart issues and it might even have been fatal!

The family members were all truly shocked, and they immediately experienced a mix of worry and relief. Worry for what this condition might bring, and relieved, for the fact that they actually caught it on time!

Thankfully, Doctor Stephen Odzer’s skills and prompt observational abilities saved the day once again. What started out as a simple routine examination ended up changing Vicky’s life!